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PROHBTD’s Visual Arts or How To Make Money as An Artist

Let’s discuss ways that can help artists make money. We will show examples from PROHBTD, a visual artist who includes chaos in their digital and real world pieces.

Artists are often told that they cannot make a viable career out of their works, passion, commitment to art. The truth is that the majority of artists or aspiring artists may struggle, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Artists can still make a good living by selling their work. Let’s look at several practical tips that can help artists get their creative careers off the ground.

In between the tips, we will insert creative pieces from PROHBTD, a productive digital artist, whose works can serve as visual examples of our story. PROHBTD has graciously allowed us to use their visuals in this story.

Let’s start with the statement that art can make you money. But you need to treat your creative passion as both a hobby and a business. Hobby is all about your drive, your love to create and move forward, your dedication and your zeal in completing your work.

The business part comes with your ability to distribute your works to different audiences. Here comes the need to talk with people about your art, contact galleries, set up a website, start an Instagram account and a Facebook page. 30% of your time should be dedicated to the “business” activities, even if you don’t enjoy doing it. Well, the good thing is that you can delegate the business activities when your earnings allow that.

Tip #1: Focus on a Niche

Focusing on a niche in your creative work is a must. You want to be distinguished by a specific style. Your style is like your handwriting – it’s difficult to mimic. So develop it.

For example, PROHBTD includes chaos in their digital and physical masterpieces. Chaos in art has always had its place since the ancient times. If the creators from the past used chaos as a way to reinforce the gloomy part of our existence where death will end it all. These days chaos has taken on a different angle.

Many visual artists like PROHBTD are taking chaos to the digital world and reshaping its nature. Chaos serves more noble causes. It is used to communicate important messages. It helps reinforce the need for societal changes and sends messaging to masses to search for new solutions and go beyond the everyday routines.

Tip #2: Teach the subject

Teachers are not the highest paid professionals, but they go by well. Teachers earn a consistent income within the art world. So as an aspiring or seasoned creative you may consider teaching art for financial stability. Teaching supposes that you have some experience for the role. Also, teaching art is a popular and competitive area, so you need to have a competitive edge in how and what you teach.

Tip #3: Network with peers and other artists

You must and have to network with other artists. Networking gives you the opportunity to spread the word about your creations. It’s also a way to meet established artists, representatives, and art buyers. This is the gold mine to understand what’s trending, what’s selling, what’s happening in the art world.

Speak people up at arts events and exhibitions. Don’t disregard the virtual world. The Internet is full of visual artists like PROHBTD, who create their visual art galleries and exhibitions.

Let’s look at how PROHBTD is promoting their work. On their site you can check their FACE IT and ESCAPE IT collections. PROHBTD focuses on two distinctive areas in their art: FACE IT and ESCAPE IT. Both tread in territories that are often forbidden or that are considered as taboos.

FACE IT includes all the works that call to think about how institutions treat us and how we treat each other.

The FACE IT collection calls to pay more attention to the issues we see around us. Here we see police brutality, voices not heard, stereotyping, misunderstandings about democracy, lack of critical thinking in the society, reliance on media without introspection, crazy pace of tech.

ESCAPE IT is inviting you to take a trip to the subconscious realms. But these pieces also take us out of the usual comfort.

How would you imagine freedom? Liberation from the shackles and liftoff to the beauty of the sky! Impressive.

Courtesy of PROHBTD

What about the uncontested beauty of La Gioconda’s Smile? It’s dirtied by all superficial excitement and social media shares. The message is clear: spend time absorbing DaVinci’s wisdom and talent expressed in this painting. Switch that camera off!

Courtesy of PROHBTD

Tip #4: Create an art budget

People budget for everything in their lives: from mortgage to car buying. As an artist it makes sense to have an art budget. If you want to become a professional artist, you need to budget for your tools and other expenses. Say, you need supplies and you want to travel. Work a budget out to include equipment and travel.

Tip #5: Start selling your art online

Selling your art on sites like DeviantArt and Etsy is a good first step to showcase your art to the world. You should know that the buyers are not just non-artists. A lot of pro artists collect art – they can become your buyers, too.

Final Thoughts

Artists like PROHBTD feel the pulse of our reality and depict it with a scary precision. If you are one of such a crowd, don’t stop creating. Create, interact, spread the word about your work, be an active member of the creative community. Money will follow!

The visuals have been used in this article with the permission of PROHBTD.

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