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Download free flower videos

Download Seven Bright Flower Videos for Free

Need free flower video clips? Download these free videos in HD and use it in your projects.

Did you know that flowers, also known as blooms or blossoms, are actually the reproductive structures of the flowering plants? The bright colors and scents that flowers have serve to attract insects and small animals. These creatures help pollinate flowers, which ensures the reproduction process works.

Flowers are an important attribute of our lives. Whether it’s a hobby or a decoration, we come across flowers here and there. Flowers also have a widely accepted symbolic function. Each of the 50 US States have a flower as their symbols, for example. Violets, apple blossom, cactus blossom, laurels, mayflower, and so on.

Certain flowers used to be equal to money in the past. The infamous tulip mania from the 17th century is a good story about how a flower caused a speculative bubble.

Download free flower videos

If you look for short video clips with flowers, you can download seven HD clips by scrolling down.

Take a look at these free flower videos that you can download directly here. All these video clips are full HD (1920 x 1080). Some of the free flower file may be HD only. They are all .mp4 files that will start to download when you click on the download button. The free videos will be without the watermark – all ready to use in your edits.

This free collection of flower videos includes flowers of different colors: from red to orange, from blue to purple. These video clips are covered by our licensing agreement. In other words, you can use them in personal and commercial projects without limitation. We don’t allow re-selling or redistributing these videos. Link to this page and let your friends download these clips for free.

Yellow flowers

Field with beautiful tulips

Orange flower bed

Beautiful purple flowers

Flying over blue flowers

White chamomile

Purple tulips

How to use flower videos

Use cases for flower videos are indefinite. But don’t use flower video clips aimlessly. Make sure the insertion of flower footage makes sense.

Flowers become a big deal when we celebrate our special women. Upon Mother’s Day in the US and Canada, or before March 8th in Russia and other parts of Europe, visuals and videos with flowers see an increase in downloads. Videos with bouquets or love messages on flower backgrounds are simple ways to thank our women and show our love and gratitude to them.

Flower video backgrounds are no-fail solutions when you need a background for a website. Find flower videos that color match your branding and use such a video background on your site.

Flower videos are perfect gap fillers. If you have a gap in your video edit, throw in a short clip with a flower field. Flowers are always pleasant to look at.

Need more flower videos in FHD and 4K? Check out our Flower video collection. Download HD videos for free and get 4K for a small fee.

The cover image was taken from this free flower image collection available on Shutterstock.

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