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Download Five Free Videos Clips with Alcoholic Drinks

If you need a video clip with ale, beer, whiskey, look no further. Download these fully free video clips of ale and whiskey.

Even if videos of alcoholic drinks are rarely seen on TV or in commercial videos, you may still need shots of beer in a glass or scotch on the rocks for your Youtube or social videos. If you need b-roll with beer or bourbon or scotch in the focus, here is a collection of 5 free video clips from our site. You can use these free video clips in both personal and commercial projects.

If you decide that you need to get the source video files for these free video clips, use the links below and get 30% off with this promo code: VIDEO30.

The video clips are covered by our licensing agreement. In other words, you can use them in personal and commercial projects without limitation (change, color, clip, etc.) But don’t re-sell or redistribute this footage. If you want to link back to this collection of free drinks video clips, please do so! We will appreciate the word about it.

What are videos with drinks?

Any video clip that has a drink in the focus can be considered a “drink” video. Such video clips can range from glasses of water and juice to alcoholic beverages. You can see closeups of juice in slow motion, or full-size glasses or cups in this family of videos. In our collection we are offering 5 video clips with ale, whiskey, and scotch for the situations when your project need to display an alcoholic drink.

Free videos with alcoholic drinks

A glass of dark ale video

A glass of whiskey

Grabbing a glass of single malt scotch

Pouring whiskey in a glass

Adding ice to a glass of scotch

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